Bridge Loan Lenders in Texas

Texas bridge loan lenders offer short-term financing options for real estate investors and property owners in need of quick cash to bridge the gap between buying or selling a property.

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We Offer Bridge Loans in Houston.

At LJC Financial, we provide bridge loans in Houston, Texas, which are temporary loans designed to help borrowers meet their immediate financial obligations while they search for permanent financing or eliminate existing debts. These loans typically last between 12 to 24 months and are secured by real estate collateral. Our bridge loans offer immediate cash flow to support your current obligations and are particularly popular among real estate investors who are looking to flip properties. As a bridge loan lender, we strive to provide you with the funding you need without exposing you to undue risk.

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I have worked with LJC Financial for the last few years. What makes them stand apart is their seamless funding process. They are also understanding to the business needs of their client’s business operations and offer renewal loan options for clients. I would definitely recommend LJC Financial to anyone looking for a quality lender.
E. Spear, Wealth Education Academy

I am a first-time flipper and LJC Financial, LLC has walked me through every step of the way and has made this experience much simpler than I could have ever imagined. I look forward to my next 10.

T. Surrell, Happy in Texas

How a Houston Bridge Loan Works
They are also known as swings loans, interim financing, or gap financing, and bridge loans “bridge” the gap during times when financing is needed but not yet available. These loans are customizable for different situations. Borrowers use the home or the equity in it as collateral for the loan until they can find something more long term. In the house flipping world, swing loans allow buyers to purchase multiple properties during the same period of time and work on them. It also allows them to hold multiple properties while they are waiting to sell them.


Real Estate Bridge Loans
Bridge loan lenders in Houston love real estate, and our primary market is the people who take the challenges of this industry into their own hands. If a flipper has a gap in between the purchase of one property and the sale of another, they can use a bridge loan. Typically, bridge loan lenders only offer these loans to borrowers who they trust and who have excellent credit ratings. Bridge loans roll the mortgages of multiple houses together, giving the buyer flexibility as they wait for the properties to sell. The process for securing a bridge loan through a hard cash lender is much faster than with banks and not credit score dependent. Application, approval, and funding are usually done in a fraction of the time it takes traditional lenders.

Bridge Loan Resources

When you are looking to secure a bridge loan, LJC Financial can help. We are experienced bridge loan lenders that do business in Houston, Dallas-Ft. Worth, San Antonio, and Austin. Contact us today.
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