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The Austin, Texas, real estate investment  market has been on fire for years. With thousands of people relocating to the Lone Star State every year, there has been a sustained demand for single-family rentals and multi-family properties. Investors are trying to capitalize on  the demand, and the secondary housing market is hyper competitive. Inventories have been consistently falling over the last five years, though, and there are fewer homes available. Thus, when you find an investment property worth buying, you must act fast. There is no time to waste. LJC Financial is who you should call when you need a hard money loan in Austin. We are experienced lenders who know the real estate investing and lending business as well as you do.

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Get Money Fast
Calling the traditional banks and lending institutions is slow. They have been doing business for decades and only know one way to do it: the old way. Banks have a process they adhere to, and they never stray from it or take risks. Banks are slow and, in the Texas real estate investment game, that can cost you a great property. Using a hard cash lender is faster, so you can close the deal and turn a profit.


Eliminate Red Tape
Many banks are publicly traded entities and have endless red tape and regulations they must follow. All of that is the reason they are slow and cumbersome to do business with. Hard money lenders in Austin, Texas, are privately held and don’t have to worry about stockholders and the government. We look at the value of the property, not your credit score. That means we are fast, versatile, and can make deals quickly.

Close Deals
Hard cash lenders live and work in your neighborhood. They know the real estate market and who’s winning and losing in it. Being part of the community builds trust within it and a desire to help. Closing deals and helping our neighbors is what we do.

When you want to close a real estate deal fast, contact the pros at LJC Financial for a hard cash loan in Austin, Texas. We service Dallas-Ft. Worth, Houston, and San Antonio as well.
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