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We Offer Asset Based Loans.

Dallas is the third-largest city in Texas and, coupled with Fort Worth, there are over 2 million people living in the metro area. Even though it has over 1.3 million residents, it is still a very affordable city to live in. Residents of Dallas enjoy a low cost of living, top-notch schools, affordable real estate, and all the trappings of living in or near a major city. Add great weather to that list and it’s easy to see why people are moving to Dallas-Ft. Worth in droves. The influx of people from outside the state is heating up the housing market. If you are a real estate professional looking to acquire properties, this is one of the best places in the country to do so. With LJC Financial, you’ll work with the most trustworthy private money lender in Dallas.

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Secure Financing
In a competitive real estate market like this, efficiency is important. You can’t afford to waste time because you might miss out on a great deal. That’s why avoiding the big banks and lenders and securing asset-based loans is a safe bet. Using asset-based lenders instead of banks gives you speed and flexibility, so you’ll never miss an opportunity. They don’t have to abide by the same rules and regulations that banks do. When the chance to pick up a valuable property comes knocking, you can rely on LJC Financial to help you snatch it up.


Improved Liquidity
One of the biggest benefits of asset-based loans is improved liquidity. Hard money loans in Dallas can help you stay liquid and move forward toward your goals. When used right, this kind of financing can provide you with financial stability and predictable cash flow. This can help stabilize your operation as you grow and don’t have as much capital available or are waiting out a dip in the market. Building that relationship and trust will help you acquire properties and build a real estate empire.

LJC Financial can get you the money you need to buy property. We provide asset-based loans in Dallas-Ft. Worth, Houston, Austin, and San Antonio. Contact us today.
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