We Offer Cash-Out Refinancing Loans in Houston & Surrounding Areas in Texas.

For the average citizen, buying a house is the biggest purchase they will ever make. For real estate professionals, it’s a Tuesday. Even the pros need an influx of cash from time to time for repairs, upgrades, renovations, and whatever else comes their way. As a cash-out refinancing lender, LJC Financial can do just that.. Using traditional banks and lenders for a cash-out refinance loan in Houston is a long, drawn-out process full of documentation, bank statements, and headaches. Hard cash lenders streamline the process and make it much faster and more efficient.

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I have worked with LJC Financial for the last few years. What makes them stand apart is their seamless funding process. They are also understanding to the business needs of their client’s business operations and offer renewal loan options for clients. I would definitely recommend LJC Financial to anyone looking for a quality lender.
E. Spear, Wealth Education Academy

I am a first-time flipper and LJC Financial, LLC has walked me through every step of the way and has made this experience much simpler than I could have ever imagined. I look forward to my next 10.

T. Surrell, Happy in Texas

What Is a Cash-Out Refinance in Houston?
As the mortgage on a property matures, the property builds equity. The principal of the loan is gradually going down, and the value of it is going up and creating equity. A Houston cash-out refinance lets you free up the equity out of the property that has built up. You take the equity out in the form of cash in order to reinvest it in another opportunity. The goal of cash-out refinancing lenders is to give you access to actionable assets sooner than you would get them if you waited to sell the entire property.


What Can You Do With the Cash?
You can do whatever you want with the money; after all, it’s yours. Most people do a hard money cash-out refinance to get a lower interest rate, make renovations, or reinvest the money. Pulling the equity out of a property makes it liquid, so you can put that cash into another deal. Use it to buy and flip another property, or use it to make improvements to another one ahead of a sale. The important thing to do, though, is put that money back into a property; don’t let it sit or waste on something frivolous. Take advantage of your properties’ value, so you can continue to invest and build a solid real estate portfolio.

LJC Financial can secure you a cash-out refinancing loan faster than a bank. Contact the hard-cash lending professionals today. We serve the San Antonio, Houston, Austin, and Dallas-Ft. Worth, Texas areas.
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