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When securing a loan or mortgage, there are plenty of options in Houston. The average person will call several banks or mortgage companies in Houston, make some phone calls, and shop around looking for a good rate. That is a sensible thing to do and works for most people. Then, there are the aggressive real estate tycoons who need their loans fast. That’s where LJC Financial comes in. We are private money lenders in Houston that help out brave people who don’t want to follow the traditional path. There are advantages to private money loans in Houston if you want to explore new opportunities.


Fast Funding in Houston
Going the traditional route and borrowing from a bank is slow and cumbersome. It can take weeks of waiting, phone calls, documentation, and emails to get what you want. When a hot real estate investment deal pops up, you don’t have time to wait. When you work with a private money lender in Houston, like LJC Financial, you can strip away all that waiting and close the deal quickly.

Flexible Terms
Big banks and mortgage companies are full of red tape and lending guidelines. Those rules and regulations must be adhered to and leave little room for flexibility. That’s not true with asset-based loans. Asset-based lenders in Houston can custom tailor lending terms to fit specific needs.

No Hidden Fees
Banks have reams of paper that they push under your nose and make you sign. Some people have time to read a 50-page contract, take notes, and find out what they are signing, but they are few. With a Houston hard money lender, there is far less paperwork, and everything is laid out in black and white.

Local Lending
Houston hard money lenders tend to be local guys that you live and work with side by side. They keep their money close by in the community and do business face to face. They want to know who they are lending money to and take pride in the success of their customers.

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